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Robinson is authorized to issue California's "confidential" marriage licenses, which are sealed from public access and review and do not require witnesses, California residency or a trip through LA traffic to city hall.Only the bride and groom and the person authorized to issue the certificate has to be present at the ceremony, so it's easy to see why these "confidential" licenses are popular with celebrities all the time and, in a pinch, with "regular" couples who want to get married during a long layover at the airport.

The airport is home to the Warhawk Air Museum, which has a reception-worthy hangar full of vintage airplanes, and the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), a faith-based, non-profit ministry which has a chapel overlooking the airport and a staff member who just happens to be a wedding planner.And in Amsterdam, the ever-accommodating Schiphol Airport has a wedding planner who keeps busy helping to arrange up to 50 airport weddings a year.In Holland, the most popular months to get married are in May and September, but the airport weddings seem to be popular year-round.The restaurant has a funky space-age feel to it, great views of the surrounding area and, says Robinson, "It's easier to find parking there than at one of the terminals." Weddings are also among the amenities offered at several European airports.For example, at England's Manchester Airport, couples can have their weddings inside a parked Concorde airplane.Many couples first meet while working at an airport.

Others meet while flying on an airplane or while hanging around at an airport.Natuurlijk staan we altijd klaar om je verder te helpen bij ons gratis dating concept. Because of wind from an unfavourable direction in combination with scheduled runway maintenance in Amsterdam (AMS), our flight schedules will be temporarily disrupted.You can rebook your flight at the latest on Friday 24 March 2017. Change your travel dates Apply for a refund You are entitled to a full refund of your ticket if you are travelling to, from or via any of the above mentioned locations on Tuesday 21 March 2017, and your flight was cancelled by KLM, AIR FRANCE and/or Delta Air Lines, or was delayed for more than 3 hours and you did not travel. KLM will comply with this emergency order and no longer allow customers to travel with this device in any form – whether on their person, in hand baggage or as checked baggage.This ban applies to all AIR FRANCE, KLM and KLM Cityhopper flights.You can check your flight status or view your flight details in My Trip.

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