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However, cathodoluminescence images of zircons from this granitoid imply that the formation of growth zones, including some impurity elements like U, Th, Y, P, and REE at particular magmatic conditions could have resulted in abrupt typological changes during the latest stages of crystallization.

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Granitoids in Central Anatolia display a wide range of petrological characteristics from S-type and I-type to A-type.U-Pb age data of the hybrid rocks were obtained by in-situ LA-MC-ICP-MS analysis of zircon.The oscillatory zoned zircon crystals yield a concordia age of 368 ± 8Ma (MSWD = 1.1), interpreted as the age of magma hybridization and timing of formation of the magmatic precursors.Cathodoluminescence imaging of internal structures of zircons from the A-type Çamsari quartz-syenite shows extensive metamictization.Moreover, in the zircons from the I-type Terlemez and Baranadag quartz-monzonites, multiple low-luminescent corrosion zones are enriched in U, Th, and Y, and interpreted to result from magma mingling/mixing processes.The A-type Çamsari quartz-syenite mainly has K- and V-zircon types and typological evolution trends compatible with those of alkaline granitoids.

The zircons from the Hisarkaya porphyritic granite, on the other hand, show typological characteristics similar to I- to A-type granitoids.

Termites could burrows down and penetrate the sand glass bringing it up to the surface. The field observation of the white color of termite hills which are built up by sand glass gave a good indicator for the hidden subsurface deposit and it appears to be a surface signature for finding glass sand di-rectly under the termite hills.

The scattered white hills of glass sand on the surface with high content of Si O 2 , concordant Zr/Hf and Th/U ratios and heavy mineral distribution in both of quarry and termite hills provide a strong evidence of that those termite hills could be an effective tool for exploring subsurface hidden glass sand up to 35 m depth. Although carefully collected, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Differing provisions from the publisher's actual policy or licence agreement may be applicable.

It is situated within Rutba Forma-tion (Ceno-manian).

Ancient traditional mining method is still used in exploitation the unconsolidated white glass sand from glass sand quarry.

Some grains have pre-magmatic inherited domains with overgrow rims.

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