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There are two other sections on useful everyday phrases and calling Russia. [`Kak nazy`vaetsya `Vasha kam`pania] company I don?To stay up-to-date with Russian language news and for fun posts please LIKE our Facebook page. t speak Russian, but we will be able to speak through an interpreter.

There are plenty of free resources to help you learn Russian and save the world!

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I have lived in Eastern Europe and traveled to Moscow and St. As a person who is Slavic and lives in both America and Eastern Europe I can honestly say I feel the people here are romantic.

The tables below are an excerpt from The Russian Phrase Book for Lovers, which is a fantastic guide to conversations in Russian.

Below are some typically used Russian phrases with phonetic transcriptions and audio. [Vot ma`ya vi`zitka] card What is the name of your company?

These words are very powerful and in many cases they indicate very deep feelings.

To help you with this, we've separated these little love phrases into 2 groups - New Love and Serious Relationships.

Even if you do not say it 100% right, she will be happy to correct you!

You will learn these expressions in just 10-15 minutes. Now you know 10 simplest Russian phrases and will be able to carry on a very basic conversation.

, which you can use both in verbal and written communication.

Girls just love it when a man tries to speak Russian!

However, a big part of the population speaks Russian, since in the former USSR the Russian language was official. Here we present some words and expressions, for you to pick up some language before traveling to Ukraine or Russia, or before, let us say, talking with your lady on the phone.