Dating table

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Dating table - does anyone else have this problem with dating

10/17/51 *****transitional production run 221K_ EH 00-01 …..

07/01/41 *****transitional production run 221__ AG 00-01 ….. I knew that it was important and that my parents expected me to be on my best behavior, but I would have much rather been taught with this fun family game!How many of us would be way more willing to obey our manners if this was at our dinner tables?!Start by showing your kiddos how to properly set the table.We provided you with a cute printable placemat to help get them started! 08/19/47 *****transitional production run 221-1 AH 31-34 …..

01/23/50 *****transitional production run 221-1 AJ 55-59 …..

09/22/59 ***** 1st full production run of Red S Badge 222K_ EP 75-76 ….. For example, the birthdate for 221 AD 789994 is not 11/27/1934, but is sometime between 11/27/1934 and 03/18/1935, when the next production run began for Class 221, Model 221’s at Elizabethport.

03/03/59 ***** Red S Badge introduced on a few machines 222K_ EP 54 ………. The serial number reservation date is often confused as the actual production date or “birthdate”.

10/31/51 *****transitional production run 221__ AK 74-79 …..

10/14/53 *****transitional production run 221__ AL 68-73 …..

Page two is sized to 11×17 for a larger printing option that can be completed at your local copy shop!

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    45 POLICE see EMERGENCY SERVICE - POLICE PRISON (PROPOSED) 1996Door bangs shut on prison jobs, Cambrian News, 3/5/1996, P6.365PRIHorror at prison plan, Cardigan Tivyside, 2/5/1996, P6.365PRI1997Ask questions before pressing for a prison at Aberystwyth, Cambrian News, 20/2/1997, P6.365PRIConservationists likely to oppose jail site proposals, Western Mail, 6/1/1997, P6.365PRI2003Prison would boost our economy, Cambrian News, 2/10/2003, P6.365PRI PUNISHMENT Cardigan Davies, Donald; Crime and Punishment, Cardigan Tivyside, 18/10/1985; 25/10/1985, Part 1 [1.3Mb] Part 2 [1.1Mb]P4.364 Executions Old County gaol, Cardigan Tivyside, no date [835kb](P4.364) Public executions in Cardigan, Cardigan Tivyside, 31/3/1922 [674kb](P4.364) Sites of some medieval gallows, Archaeologia Cambrensis, 1964 [459kb](P4.364) Reminiscences of Cardigan gaol, Cardigan Tivyside, 11/11/1898, Page 1 [777kb] Page 2 [810kb] P4.364 Whipping Evans, George Eyre; Whipping women in Cardigan town, Cardigan Tivyside, 15/2/1918 [1016kb](P4.364) Whipping of drunks, Cardigan Tivyside, 14/6/1895 [915kb](P4.364) REBECCA RIOTS Cardigan Davies, Donald; Rebecca riots in Cardigan, Cardigan Tivyside, 3/5/1985; 1/5/1985; 17/5/1985; 24/5/1985; 31/5/1985, Part 1 [1.2Mb] Part 2 [1.2Mb] Part 3 [965kb] Part 4 [1.2Mb] Part 5 [1.2Mb]Rebecca Riots 1839, Cardigan Tivyside, 5/1/1900 Page 1 [260kb] Page 2 [443kb]Rebecca riots and Cardigan, Cardigan Tivyside, 16/8/1901; 30/8/1901; 23/8/1901; 9/8/1901 Page 1 [395kb] Page 2 [367kb] Page 3 [336kb] Page 4 [345kb] Page 5 [292kb] Page 6 [255kb]Rebecca in the Tivy Side, Cardigan Tivyside, 16/5/1913 Page 1 [367kb] Page 2 [368kb]When Rebecca ran riot in Wales, Western Mail, 13/12/1989 Page 1 [400kb] SEXUAL ASSAULT 1990Rape, sex assault reports 'up 50pc', Western Mail, 27/2/1990, RC364 SHEEP RUSTLING Synod Inn1986 Farmers blames water board after sheep theft, Western Mail, 24/6/1986 [679kb] Rustlers round up 300 Syndo Inn sheep, Cambrian News, 27/6/1986 [643kb] SIEGE Aberystwyth2007Moment armed police swooped, Cambrian News, 23/8/2007 Page 1 [159kb]No jail for man who sparked siege over bag of oven chips, Cambrian News, 6/9/2007Row over bag of chips sparks armed siege, Cambrian News, 16/8/2007 Page 1 [342kb] Cribyn2003 Siege in quiet Cribyn ends after seven hours, Cambrian News, 13/2/2003 [316kb] Llanbadarn Fawr2001 'I looked out to see the hotel swarming with police', Cambrian N, 21/6/2001 [691kb] Scrap man in bizarre suicide bid, Cambrian News, 31/1/2002 [725kb] Siege man is in custody, Cambrian News, 14/6/2001 [1.2Mb] Stag's Head (Llangeitho) Siege shatters village's pre-Christmas peace, CN, 28/12/2006 [1.5Mb]2007 Siege man convicted of threats and arson, Cambrian News, 7/6/2007 [644kb] Crossbow man is jailed for three years, Cambrian News, 13/9/2007 [1.3Mb] SMUGGLING Jones, Mary; Ddoe, t.

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