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Dating service weight - dating events houston

Do you ever fudge the truth about your weight on your profile? If a girl’s not going to like me because I have a belly, I’m not interested.

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Heather: In my experience dating as a woman who is not thin, I think guys are more obsessed with weight than women are.

If you look at my dating history, you’d know that I’m not just into looks.

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I had a great rapport via email with one guy I met online, but when we met, I guess he thought I looked different than my picture, and his face fell. Heather: It can be hard, because for some guys weight can be a critical factor in whether they want to date you.

I’ve found that since there are so many prospects online, guys feel like they can be really selective.

There’s a disconnect, and it also communicates that you can’t trust that person. I look for a guy who gets my sense of humor and has one himself.