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Anyway, I eventually started using Frolunda and we had some epic battles.

I emailed the team about 5-10 times each just trying to get a Replica, but I could not get a response. The only European country that offered any help was germany.I would say we are about even with these two teams. Dont know if this will be the case this year but if you going to either Karlstad or Gotenbourg (home towns of Frjestad and Frlunda) you will have no trouble finding a good time.I just thought that with the battles we have had, a Farjestad jersey would make a cool christmas gift for him. Oh yeah, and by the way, is there any way to see a local club team in the SEL play on tv or online here in the states.A friend of mine is dating a girl from over there and it really sounds like a beautiful country.And it also sounds like you guys know how to have a good time.I talked about that last season with a guy in the organization and he said that the authentic jerseys cost ~3,500-5000SEK.

LOL Living through video game My buddy couldnt beat me with any NHL teams so in his frustration he said screw this and decided to take a team from your league.

Can anyone direct me to a website where I can buy one?

Not looking for game-worn, autographed, etc., just a basic replica jersey. I swear, this was not there a couple of days ago, but a friend found this for me: https://

Susanna Is there anywhere on the internet, where, in English (Im learning Swedish.Im not very confident with it quite yet) I'd be able to order Swedish jerseys?

Im specifically looking to buy a DIF and a Mo Do jersey.

A friend of mine is dating a girl from over there and it really sounds like a beautiful country. I noticed on Djurgarden's site they have replicas,but wrong sizes. I think cfsport is rather pricey with a jersey without a name at 799 SEK. Great Skate in Stockholm seems to be a really good one they say: just a couple of slapshots from Globen :) With no name their jerseys were 100sek cheaper, but they only do authentic naming, meaning it'll cost like 900sek for name : O Right now cfsport is leading, with 199kr or so extra for name with default font etc. Just do what i did, i put up a pic of the jersey whit the Name and #, see, this is what i want. page=11&anr=0152138 choose the size, and click kp, there you'll be able to put in a name etc.