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Most newer generation transformers have seperate bell and whistle/horn controls.

But you obviously can't have both positive and negative voltage at the same time. That makes sense since reversing the connections rings the bell rahter than blows the horn. .00 each, you may want two depending on what transformer you use.

The Populley must help cancer patients and their family to forget the illness for a while.

The Populley is developed for cancer patients between the 6-12 years old.

During re-designing the Populley several tests were done to explore the solutions.

Each team member had different tasks, varying from embodying the creature to embodying the electronics to embodying the pulley system.

I don't know if a seperate "bell control" is available that can be used with an older transformer(like a ZW) that lacks a bell control.

Ken The one thing you can't do is to ring the bell and blow the whistle at the same time.

The Populley exists out of interactive audio creatures which are connected to each other through pulleys.

When one creature is pulled, the other creature goes up while making sound.

Besides this, it had to be re-designed for manufacturing.

The Populley must encourage patients to leave their room and explore the hospital halls.

This all must help cancer patients to forget their illness for a while.

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