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For some like Amarteifo, the transition into a not entirely familiar culture is worthwhile.Or, once in a while, home finds them.” Yaa reconnects with her four friends who also decide to settle down in “the continent” after living abroad for years.Together the group navigates, love, the pursuit of success, and the journey to self-identity.In one episode a woman explains her dating struggles, “I got dumped by a guy that expected me to cook three meals a day every single day. I am a lawyer.” But even with those struggles many find getting back to their roots to be a worthwhile and rewarding process and the show has touched expats all over the world.We’re getting emails from people in Korea, Vietnam, [and] the Caribbean who somehow found the series and were like, ‘You’re telling my story,'” Monyo explained.“It kind of got to that point to me, where I felt like, .” READ: Johannesburg: Africa’s ‘It’ City An African city reflects the struggles of women who have grown up in America as they transition into cultural norms of Accra.

Gender roles, manners of etiquette, and even dating are all genuinely different in the Ghanaian capital.I […] Humans have always wanted a partner – someone with whom they can be intimate with, share their most private feelings and really be themselves. That’s right, even top celebrities have had to use online dating at some time in their life.Here are top celebrities reported to have ever […] Keep Your Message Short If your initial message does not attract her interest, she will most likely not read further and even bother to reply.Hi Admin, my is Abena, I am 27 years old from Greater Accra region of Ghana. When you think “Sex & The City” you think cocktails, love lives, and driven women pushing to the top.I met my wife via an online dating website in 2006.

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