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A weekend off gives her an opportunity to make the 18-hour drive back to Harrisburg and return to Louisiana in time for classes on Tuesday.

Around PM, Michelle calls her friend to check in on Jayden.

The following day they release information about Michelle's disappearance to the media.

On Tuesday Oct 7, a security guard at the Mac Truck Plant in Hagerstown, MD calls the police to report an abandoned Honda Accord parked outside their fence.

Her son, Jayden, had to call 911 and paramedics were sent to the house to revive her.

On Tuesday, Sept 30, with still no word from Michelle, Michael goes to the Harrisburg Police and files a Missing Persons Report.

As quoted in The Patriot-News, after hearing that her daughter had been found, Mc Mullen's mother, the Rev.

Lillie Mc Mullen said, "We're excited and we're thanking God that's she's been found alive." On Friday Sept 26, 2008, 27-year-old Michelle Mc Mullen learns from her boss at Mc Donald's that he has agreed to give her the weekend off.

Police run the license plate and discover it belongs to Michelle Mc Mullen.

The security guard estimates that the car has been parked there for approximately ten days, which would mean it had been there since Sunday, September 28 -- the last day Michelle was heard from.

Even though the area where the car is found is in plain view of the Mac Truck Plant, security cameras fail to detect the car arriving on September 28.

The doors are unlocked and her cell phone, purse and photo identification are all still inside. Tracking dogs follow her scent for 50 feet before it goes cold.

There have been no other clues since Michelle's car was discovered.