Dating a border patrol agent

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Dating a border patrol agent

Illegal immigration continued to swell after the 1986 amnesty despite employer sanctions.By 1993, Californians passed Proposition 187, denying benefits to illegal aliens and criminalizing illegal aliens in possession of forged green cards, identification cards, and Social Security numbers.

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Employer sanctions never became the effective tool it was expected to be by Congress.It also authorized police officers to question non-nationals as to their immigration status and required police and sheriff departments to cooperate and report illegal aliens to the INS.Proposition 187 drew nationwide attention to illegal immigration.Mounted watchmen of the United States Department of Commerce and Labor patrolled the border in an effort to prevent illegal crossings as early as 1904, but their efforts were irregular and undertaken only when resources permitted.The inspectors, usually called "mounted guards", operated out of El Paso, Texas.These patrolmen were Immigration Inspectors, assigned to inspection stations, and could not watch the border at all times. Texas Rangers were also sporadically assigned to patrol duties by the state, and their efforts were noted as "singularly effective". The first Border Patrol station began operations in Detroit, Michigan in June 1924.

) as an agency of the United States Department of Labor to prevent illegal entries along the Mexico–United States border and the Canada–U. In 1932, the Border Patrol was divided into two offices.The Border Patrol also erected The 1,969 miles of Mexican international border was patrolled by 18,516 of those agents while 2,206 additional agents were responsible for patrolling the 5,525-mile Canadian international border; 224 agents were patrolling the coastal waters surrounding the Florida Peninsula and the island of Puerto Rico.Agents are assigned primarily to the Mexico–United States border, where they control drug trafficking and illegal immigration.United States Border Patrol Interior Checkpoints are inspection stations operated by the USBP within 100 miles (160 km) of a national border (with Mexico or Canada) or in the Florida Keys.El Paso Sector Chief Patrol Agent Silvestre Reyes started a program called "Operation Hold the Line".Though they never totaled more than 75, they patrolled as far west as California trying to restrict the flow of illegal Chinese immigration.