Creepiest dating sites

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Creepiest dating sites - christian chinese dating oriental

However, “cub porn” is forbidden, and they reserve the right to remove anything they deem distasteful (seems like “distasteful” is awfully relative…).

It’s a freaky world out there, folks, and it is about to get much freakier.and there are enough of them to make this dating site successful.And by zombie, I mean humans who think they are zombies, or perhaps even more disturbing, enjoy pretending they “100% free zombie dating and social networking for zombies and zombie lovers.” Many of their members look like serial killers, but never mind that.These souls searching for love can connect with one another in this so-called “zombie community”.It is advertised as being for romance, love, friendship, information, emotional support, and connection between people who have the zombie lifestyle in common.

Now, there may actually be some logical reasons to find love with a zombie, including but not limited to the fact that zombies are pursuers, so you will always feel wanted. There is a website called, where people who work in the field of death can come together and meet each other.This, however, is not only a list that encompasses bad, sad, freaky, and specific.All of the following 17 dating sites that actually exist are downright disturbing.Medical examiners, funeral directors, coroners, gravediggers, and other sorts of death industry professionals are all welcome here.Personally, I would not want to base a romantic relationship off my profession, especially such a grisly one, but that is just me.The donated money goes into a “boob bank”, and is then paid directly to an MFI-affiliated plastic surgeon.

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    Join the fun, introduce yourself to new and interesting souls who share your interests, and dedicate just one hour to attempting to find Mr or Mrs Right.

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    WARNING: This Website contains explicit adult material.

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    I'm attracted to individuals, rather than types - we all have some beauty!