Craigs list dating scams

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Craigs list dating scams - Cairns adult chat room

But for the 99% of ads that are completely legit, you'll find postings designed to con you.

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Instead, the phone number is used to make premium line calls that are charged to the owner’s phone account.Trying to return everything to normal and uninstall the program is a messy business.The perpetrator of this scam does provide details of how to do this on its website but we are reluctant to point you towards it.In the latest scam, a friend who was moving and selling lots of his stuff on Craigslist got this message in reply to one of his ads: (Begin message extract — wording exactly as he received it) (end of extract) The message then provided a link and promised that if the item was the same as in the video, the sender would buy it.But when you follow the link, which, happily, our savvy friend did not, you arrive at a site which then invites you to download a viewer-type program so you can supposedly watch the video. The download is really a piece of malware that, according to Internet security specialists Prevx, hijacks the PC and sends information back to the scammer.Most other Craigslist scams are not exclusive to the online classifieds market — many of them are either advance payment or phishing tricks.

With advance payment, or Nigerian scams as they’re sometimes called (because many of them originate in the West African country), the crook sends out a forged check or money order for too large a sum to cover an item purchase, home rental, or even tuition fees.

Read more about phony escrow services in Escrow Services Scams and Fake College Degrees.

Two other rules: don’t hand over confidential/financial information and don’t believe those too-good-to-be-true prices — they’re almost certainly Craigslist scams.

These are agencies that hold money pending delivery of an item, thereby supposedly safeguarding the transaction.

There are many genuine escrow companies but if the other person suggests a particular escrow company, chances are he/she has set it up as a phony site, either to steal your money (if you’re buying) or to pretend the money has been received, thereby prompting you to ship an item you’re selling.

Also, never send money wires (e.g., Money Gram or Western Union) either to pay for something you bought or to reimburse a supposed overpayment.

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