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In short, I had my eyes wide open to discover and to enjoy everything!

As we soon learned, he is also an expert in navigating this pastoral environment of waterfalls , coffee and banana groves, maize fields, pastures, and wildflowers.The football match temporarily forgotten, at this beautiful moment, we sat and listened to them in rapt silence.I kept thinking that these magical experiences cannot be found when climbing up to the summit – why strive for that bucket list goal when you can have these treasured human experiences, and without the oxygen deprivation!Drawing near we heard children’s voices singing in unison.It was their choir lesson led by a woman at the church.lace for SENE clients, staff and friends to share their favorite stories about travelling in Tanzania.

If you have fond memories of travelling with SENE that you would like to share, please email it to In September, I accompanied two clients from Switzerland, Reza and Nathalie on the newest SENE adventure, a multi-day walk in the Kilimanjaro foothills.

When the time arrived to go on safari, I was so excited that I would finally meet wild animals in their own environment instead of in the confines of a zoo.

I hadn’t been to a zoo in many years, since you don’t think to go to this kind of place anymore when you think that you are a grown-up and too old – what a silly idea!

Reza and Nathalie were always trying to engage them in conversation – mixing English and pantomime – to establish an interaction. The kids were always interested in our taking photos with them, but always with the promise to see the photos afterwards!

One evening at our camp at one of the mountain primary school grounds, we initiated a football game with the dozen or more kids who were following our every move at camp.

Between the few words of English and Swahili that we shared it was understood that we wanted to play, but had no ball. (No problem) as when 3 or 4 of the older kids motioned for us to wait.