Consolidating cubase 4

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Consolidating cubase 4 - naughty or nice dating

Then, make sure that your tracks all start at time 0.

This will consolidate them into a new file and will replace your regions on the arrange page.REAPER stands out among other digital audio workstations for its customization options and the fact that it integrates with almost any hardware.Join author Garrick Chow as he shows you how to get around the interface and get started capturing your music. Select the Range Tool, and highlight all tracks from .000 through to the very end of the very last region. From the Audio menu, select Bounce and Replace Events. From the File menu, select Save Project to New Folder, and all the new consolidated files will be available in that new project's Audio Files folder. Consolidating regions in Reason: Simple Method (yields lower quality audio): 1. He shows how to set up a new project, record live audio and MIDI, and import prerecorded tracks, and demonstrates the record modes, input settings, and auto-punch features.

Then learn how to perform common editing techniques in REAPER, including trimming, ripple editing, creating fades, and looping.

This will bypass the Reason 14:2 mixer, yielding higher quality audio. Track everything as audio using a digital connection Directly out (bypassing Reason Mixer) and Back into computer (make sure latency compensation is enabled and all plugs are shut off) and Record into Cubase Then bounce all Cubase audio tracks as Mono WAV or AIFFs making sure the locaters are in the same position for each bounced track.

Be sure to bypass any effects, and record the audio into DAW. TW Advanced Method (yields higher quality audio): If you have a compatible host DAW, it's best to use the Re Wire protocol to pipe the Reason tracks into the host DAW.

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Note that this bounce doesn't include track fx, but I guess that's what you want anyway All the best, Joris Look up the command 'bounce selection'.