Configure the forward and reverse lookup zones for dynamic updating

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Configure the forward and reverse lookup zones for dynamic updating - vk dating

However, occasionally you may see a Web page with a URL in which the domain name part is expressed as an IP address (sometimes called a dot address) and want to be able to see its domain name.An Internet facility that lets you do either forward or reverse DNS lookup yourself is called nslookup.

Although there are many different types of DNS records, most of these record types aren't commonly used.For example, the host gamma.can be made to appear as ftp.To create a CNAME record, follow these steps: MX records identify mail exchange servers for the domain.When you enter the address for a Web site at your browser (the address is formally called the Uniform Resource Locator, or URL), the address is transmitted to a nearby router which does a forward DNS lookup in a routing table to locate the IP address.Forward DNS (which stands for domain name system) lookup is the more common lookup since most users think in terms of domain names rather than IP addresses. Configure Windows DNS Server Creating primary forward and reverse lookup zones, you create a primary name server that is authoritative for the zone that you have created.

DNS creates forward lookup zones when you install it as part of creating a new domain. In Sports most cases when you do this things will work fine, however some applications require doing Reverse DNS lookups in which case you could run into latency issues and a whole wholesale nba jerseys slew of other issues. Common applications and protocols such as IRC, SMTP, Backup utilities, and Databases sometimes use Reverse DNS. You would simply send them what Hostname resolves to what IP, and they would setup the PTR records. You can setup wholesale jerseys Reverse DNS on your own name servers if you choose which we will cover in this article. You create a new host entry with A and PTR records by doing the following: You specify host aliases using CNAME records.

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