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Chat hot mk

Designed to act as a raw counterpart to the interstellar euphoria of the duo’s work with Hot Natured, Pleasure State is a dark, sensual combination of pulsing beats, passionate vocals, and uncensored subject matter.Fans who have caught Englund singing atop the mixer during one of Foss or MK’s DJ sets have been treated to a preview of the supergroup’s upcoming single “Ghost In The System,” a chilling vocal house cut ripe with a heavy low-end and bouncing basslines.

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Before Englund had even dreamed of donning the leather catsuit for her role as a vocalist on “Reverse Skydiving”—the single from Foss’ underground house supergroup Hot Natured —and subsequent world tour, she was an aspiring singer-songwriter and avid club goer in Los Angeles, CA.How are these sessions different from the original ones? [laughs]Foss: They’re only different in some of the intent due to what we know about some of the few—but possibly legitimate—criticisms of the previous album.It seemed pretty universally well received, obviously with a few critical exceptions.However, all of that changed when Englund and a friend snuck into Foss’ show at The Standard Hotel, leading to a chance encounter between the two that led to an immediate working relationship.Now, the pair is on the verge of launching a trio with DJ/producer Marc Kinchen (MK) dubbed Pleasure State.Foss: Yeah, we did “Electricity” the next week in my kitchen with MK.

Englund: It wasn’t us sitting down for an entire day writing something.Englund: We’re singing about things that are going on in the world.Foss: Not necessarily the things that you’ve heard. ” People need it to be relatable and cutting edge about something that matters: the human soul, the human condition. Young people’s social media in 2014—as we enter this new era of spiritual enlightenment—are littered with these things; it’s time for people to start talking about them in a way that’s relatable.They can be on the dancefloor listening to these amazing beats, and even if they don’t listen to the words at first, they’ll realize what we’re talking about when they hear it again.DJ Times: You’ve been recording new Hot Natured material in Los Angeles recently.But her friend asked her to sing for me and I was blown away.