California laws regarding dating minors

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California laws regarding dating minors

Just after midnight---after the date has changed to February 2-they have sexual intercourse for the first time.Cory cannot be charged with statutory rape...because Brianna is now considered to be 18.

False accusations and wrongful arrests lead to a large number of bogus California statutory rape prosecutions.

These are non-criminal fines that you can be forced to pay in addition to serving time and paying criminal fines.

Only There are a variety of legal defenses to a California statutory rape charge that a skilled California sex crimes defense attorney could present on your behalf.

Sarah may be charged with statutory rape for having sex with Raphael. Thus, the prosecutor will also be required to prove how old the parties were when the intercourse took place.: Cory is 19. Cory knows people who have gone to jail for statutory rape and is very concerned about this threat.

So he and Brianna plan on waiting until she is 18 before they have sex. On the night of February 1, she and Cory stay up late.

The following are examples of some of the most common.

You honestly and reasonably believed that the alleged victim was over 18.

One of her classmates in a math class is Raphael, a 16-year-old math genius who is taking college classes even while he attends high school.

Sarah and Raphael begin studying together, and a romantic relationship develops. Raphael's mother finds out, and contacts the police. As we discuss in Section 2 below, the potential penalties for unlawful intercourse with a minor depend on the age of the "victim"..on the age difference between him/her and the defendant.

If the defendant is 21 or older and the minor is under the age of 16, the penalties are likely to be most severe..can include up to four (4) years in California state prison!

Having an attorney who specializes in defending against California sex crimes is the key to safeguarding your protecting your future.

The crime of statutory rape is also commonly referred to as "unlawful sex with a minor" "unlawful sexual intercourse." Statutory rape is a crime regardless of whether the sex was consensual..even initiated by the minor (the supposed "victim" of the crime).

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