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In 1786, another rebellion against the Qing authorities had its roots in the district of Dali.The Lin Shuangwen rebellion began as an attempt to overthrow the Manchu government and restore the Ming dynasty.

Thus the city took the name of "Taiwan-fu", meaning "capital city of Taiwan", from modern-day Tainan, which had held the title for more than 200 years.Unfortunately, as the rebels moved northward, they turned to slaughter and looting.They were eventually defeated by a coalition of Qing forces, Hakka, Quanzhou Fujianese descendants, and aboriginal volunteers.The position was appointed by the government to rule during the interim period.Upon losing the Chinese Civil War to the Communists, the Kuomintang (KMT), relocated the government of the Republic of China to Taiwan.Qing official Liu Ming-chuan received permission to oversee development of the area, which included constructing a railway due to the inland location of the city.

However, the provincial capital was ultimately moved to Taipei.Go indexes third party websites and does not have control over, nor any liability for the content of such third party websites.Clockwise from top: Taichung skyline, Taichung Railway Station, Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium, Nanhu Mountain, Wind farm in Taichung, Luce Memorial Chapel, National Museum of Natural Science), is a special municipality located in center-western Taiwan.Modern-day Taichung traces its beginnings to Toatun (Chinese: North of the city, on the Dajia River, an aboriginal revolt broke out in 1731 after Chinese officials had moved in and compelled them to provide labor.The revolt spread as far south as the seat of Changhua County in May 1732 before the rebels were chased into the mountains by Qing forces.The first market in Taichū was built in 1908, along the Ji Guang Road between the Zhong Zheng and Cheng Gong Roads and it is still in use today.