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It's a field guide, not a pocket guide, and considering its 528 pages its not too heavy to carry along in a bag.The success of any field guide will to a large extent rest on the quality of the illustrations, and in this the book scores high marks.

For his latest book, a field guide, he casts his net further afield to encompass all of East Asia.Bamboo as food does get a brief mention, and maybe that is the one section that could have been expanded a little.This is an interesting and appealing book not only for those interested in bamboo, but for anyone wanting an introduction to Japanese arts and crafts.Buy this book from Amazon USA | UK | Japan by Ran Levy Kodansha International ISBN: 4-7700-1809-6283 pp The deliciously named Ran Levy ("ran" in Japanese means orchid) has put together a book that is an excellent guide to the amazing variety of wild flowers in the Japanese archipeligo. Beautfiul color photos and group keys help even the least knowlegdable easily identify many different floral species.Japan, which ranges in habitat and climate from subarctic to subtropical, is home to a diverse flora.Not just the obvious utilitarian uses such as which plants are edible, medicinal or used to "make" something, but the place and influence of the plants in Japanese religion, culture, arts, and language.

You'll learn a lot about Japan by reading this book.

The book is a real visual feast, with excellent design and beautiful color, sepia, and B and W photography. and Japan that are of interest to bamboo enthusiasts.

The book is rounded off with an extensive appendix of organizations, businesses and gardens in both the U. Buy this book from Amazon USA | UK | Japan by Mark Brazil Christopher Helm ISBN: 0691139261528 pp Readers of the Japan Times will already be familiar with Mark Brazil through his regular column for that newspaper, Wild Watch, incidentally the longest still running natural history column in the world.

The team of illustrators have produced 236 color plates covering 985 species and they are very clear and detailed.

I have successfully used the guide to identify several birds and I am in no way and ornithologist.

Next comes bamboo in crafts, especially in basketry, and, as would be expected, this is a fairly lengthy chapter, as the author is a basketmaker herself.