Best dating email subject lines

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In this case the trick with subject lines is generally to be original and to pique curiosity.Raising curiosity is no mean feat but a general rule of thumb is to ask questions.

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Easy Jet include the name of your destination in the subject line, based on your booking: Using auto-responders in order to email customers in series is an extremely powerful aspect of lifecycle email marketing.It’s important to be clear about each campaign you’re working on as, just like writing any other copy, a lot of psychology is at play when it comes to the subject line.Whenever you’re working on a subject line, you need to be absolutely clear about your goal.It’s evident that as his emails build he uses the power of the series combined with informative subject lines to build momentum.Get Response take this one further and actually include the ‘position’ the recipient is at in the series.The best way to get customers to open your emails is to get to the point.

This doesn’t mean you need to reveal everything but, assuming your email is actually targeting a relevant segment, being upfront and honest will get opens.

Mailchimp recently published a whole bunch of statistics on subject line length that reveal the truth: there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to subject line length.

It’s completely relative to your target audience so you need to draw your own conclusions!

This is really useful as it clearly identifies the email and, assuming the customer has had a positive experience with earlier emails in the series, adds to the power of the subject line, increasing opens.

Using series campaigns and flagging this in the subject line is a logical way to increase your email conversions.

Here are some results from a recent campaign: This is a great example of the power of testing when it comes to finding out what subject lines work with your audience.

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