Ballroom dance dating

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Ballroom dance dating

Ask instructor if you are interested in performance or competition opportunities for your child.Individuals may choose to 'sit in' instead of participate in a group class.

Intermediate group class runs from 2-3pm and 5-6pm on Sundays, and you may "drop in" on any single intermediate level class for .

Your instructor prepares step patterns in advance for the group class dance of the day.

Group class is a time of repetition that solidifies step patterns, develops balance, and improves your ability to lead and follow.

Advanced level classes cost per person when you purchase a complete 5-class series.

Advanced level classes run from 6-7pm on Sundays, and you may "drop in" on any single advanced level group class for .

Admission is free to 'sit in' on any beginning level group class.

It costs per person to "sit in" on an intermediate level class, and per person to "sit in" on an advanced level class.By the end of the lesson, you with your change in partner(s) will discover some fun “surprises” that happen within the dance.Then, you will be part of a lightening round where you will get 2 to 3 minutes to talk to as many people as possible to sign your Dance Card, indicating with whom you would like to dance during the general music, as well as to keep in touch after the event. Join dance Scape for our FUN “Speed Dancing” Parties for Singles Only.Like Speed Dating but with way more giggles and laughter!Intermediate and advanced kids classes run Wednesdays -pm and Saturdays noon-1pm (instructor pre-approval required for advanced class participation).

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