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By opening an e Insurance Account (e IA) with CAMSRep, you can now buy and keep all your insurance policies from any insurer in electronic mode.Electronic Policies are safe, convenient and easy to manage.

(daily interest) - Cardholders who do not fall within the above categories RM 100 early settlement fee will be imposed on each transaction if cancellation is performed before reaching half of the Balance Transfer via Instalment tenure committed.

Another variation is where you get approached by strangers near the temple.

They can simply say that the temple is closed (e.g.

Thus, it is safer to always check out the operating hours of the places you are visiting in Thailand.

This is a very painful scam as many have found out.

If a transaction is made in foreign currency, Master Card or VISA or relevant Card association, depending on which card is used, will convert the transaction into a Ringgit Malaysia equivalent at the conversion rate and charges as determined by Master Card or VISA or relevant Card association as at the date it is processed by Master Card or VISA or relevant Card association.

In addition, you will also pay administration costs at 1% or at such other rates as shall be determined by us for the conversion of the transactions made in foreign currencies.CAMSRep is an Insurance Repository Service Provider approved by IRDA, the Insurance Regulator. (daily interest) - Cardholders who promptly settle their minimum payment due for 12 consecutive month 17% p.a.In the meantime, they will advise some alternative locations which you can visit that sound really good.Should you agree, they will help you flag a tuk tuk (in cahoots with them) which will eventually bring you to some gem stores or tailor shops..So do not assume that you are safe even when in it.