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At another JK business that Norio visited, men could sit in private booths and order girls in uniform to dance provocatively behind one-way mirrors while they watched. LEGAL LOOPHOLESSuch businesses exploit loopholes in Japan’s regulations on underage sex, which while stating that the minimum age of prostitution is 18, retain an archaic law that allows girls above 13 to consent to sex.

“They are doing something that verges on but does not qualify as prostitution.”STEPS TOWARDS CHANGE?You don’t want to do boring jobs like being a cashier or sit behind a computer.”“SECRET” SERVICESWhile there are businesses like JK Special that takes pains to protect their female staff, others pander to the desires of those who want more than just casual socialising.According to Norio, a freelance journalist investigating the industry, one JK reflexology shop offers massages as a cover for other, less innocent, services.“The moment I entered the room and was alone with the girl, she immediately explained the ‘secret options’ while touching between my legs,” he said.Guruen trekker frem at vestlige aktører henger etter når det kommer til applikasjonsutvikling, hvilket kan være avgjørende i en tid hvor flere og flere kun logger seg på sosiale medier via mobilen.- Utviklere i markeder som Japan, Kina og Korea designet fra starten av applikasjoner og tjenester primært for mobilbruk.- Dagene hvor kinesiske selskap kopierer ideer fra Silicon Valley er over.

Alibaba har vært og vil fortsette å være en aggressiv og fremtidsrettet investor innen globale teknologiplattformer, sier Mike Walsh i en pressemelding Atea har sendt ut.“If businesses change their model just a little (outside of the six activities listed), they will still be able to operate,” he said.This year, according to a Japan Times report, Japan’s National Police Agency plans to carry out a nationwide investigation into JK businesses, while Tokyo works to introduce a ban similar to Aichi’s.“So I want to become a high school boy again, like I was 20 years ago.”‘FOR GIRLS WHO CAN’T DO ANYTHING ELSE’The café’s profits have doubled in the last five years.Its CEO Hideki Yamanaka makes almost US0,000 annually.To protect his valuable staff, he has installed security cameras around the café, and steps in when employees are harassed by customers – he showed Get Rea!