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Here are some of the wild sex scandals that caught our attention.

If we want the second, we need to stop being so worried that teachers might teach the wrong thing that we don't let them teach anything at all.

Hopefully, most of the students who read it won't be faced with the level of trauma and danger that she faced -- though some of them in Chicago may well.

But even if their exact experiences don't map onto hers, surely a lot of kids in middle school or high school will see themselves in the narrative here.

And, again, you start to suspect that this is the point.

As in the Iranian regime that Satrapi describes, where art students are only allowed to do figure drawing sketches of women covered in a head-to-toe chador, the aim of American education too often seems to be a quite deliberate ignorance.

So were passages that depicted, or even mentioned, slavery -- and this was for an American history exam.

Again, there were sensitivity concerns, though whether we were worried about offending black people or white people, I don't know. I was not surprised, therefore, to learn that the Chicago Public Schools have recently decided to restrict access to Marjane Satrapi's graphic memoir, Persepolis, which deals with her experiences growing up under the fundamentalist regime in Iran.She also talks about the Iran-Iraq war, and there are pictures of wounded soldiers. She shows herself as an adolescent smoking cigarettes and dealing pot.She describes her escape from Iran to Austria, and talks (without much detail, but still) about her sexual adventures as a young woman living on her own. In my experience, any one of these infractions would be sufficient excuse to keep Persepolis out of the hands of students.The worry, then, seems to be not so much that the material will be too much for them (like horror films in first grade), but that it might fit too well -- that the students might feel like the story has something to do with their lives.Perhaps they might even see, in the senseless, narrow-minded institutions of Iran, an analogy to narrow-minded institutions closer to home.The job of American schools, as enforced by the bureaucracy, is not really education. On one project, a colleague of mine working on a world history course was told not to include the fact that gay people were targeted during the Holocaust.

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