Animal and grils

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Would you like to care for a little puppy or kitten?

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After you are done with everything you can dress this little cutie up!

Our little friend was lost since Christmas, it turned out that he had an accident while delivering gifts and got injured.

Now we need to take care of Momo so he can get better again.

Afterwards you can dress her up with accessories as cute as Kiki herself.

This lovely baby reindeer is Momo and he needs your help immediately!

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All you need to do is pick the ones that you like and create an amazing fish tank for our cute friend Dory! If you want to experience such a fun job, here is the opportunity.

Don't hesitate, open your own cat care place and do a great job!

Leona likes clothes with animal prints but as an animal lover she always refuses to wear anything made out of real animals and that's why she only buys clothes with fake animal prints.

Let's prepare Leona today using some of her stylish animal printed clothes.

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