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Reflecting back on the past eight years and the personal journey that led him to serve in the historic presidency of Barack Obama, Yohannes credits his parents first and foremost for his interest in public service and civic engagement. citizens, and they wanted us to be engaged citizens as well.” His mother and father immigrated to the United States from Ethiopia in the 60s and Yohannes was born in Alexandria, VA and raised in Springfield.“It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact time when I became interested in public service, because serving our community and country was always part of the family dialogue,” Yohannes tells Tadias in a recent interview. “I attended Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology and was a Political Science major at Yale, focusing on U. foreign policy” Yohannes adds, noting that his parents raised him and his sister with a strong sense of service to community and the importance of helping people.

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It was not glamorous stuff…we would work all week to get a couple hundred people to come see him,” Yohannes shares.

Lishan said: He “came from a very humble background.

Earned his way through western school.sheer work and brains and ended up getting a medical degree.then he did his residency in the U. and then went back [to Ethiopia] and became one of the leading physicians for, you know, 40 years.” In an article published this week in the Wall Street Journal, Lishan reflected on his immigrant experience in the United States amid the current backlash against refugees and immigrants in the Trump era.

“My parents gave my sister and me a great foundation and made clear to us that it was incumbent upon us to give back, reminding us that not everyone had the same opportunities that we had.” Shortly after graduating from Yale, Yohannes secured a job with Senator Obama’s campaign in Iowa in 2007 with the assistance of a fellow Ethiopian American.

Like many young people at the time in this country, Yohannes points out that the inspiring moment for him came following the 2004 election, where one of the high points was the election of Obama as a Senator.

“Two friends (descendants of Irish, East European and Filipino immigrants) and I founded five medical-device companies.

Last April, that immigrant boy who peered out of the jet rang the Nasdaq opening bell with his immigrant family and colleagues at his side.She really became an international figure in child development..It’s an amazing inspiration for us.” Regarding his father Dr.Minutes later, we stood in Times Square, filled with awe and humility as images of our new company streamed on the sides of skyscrapers. Lishan Aklog is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PAVmed Inc.(Nasdaq: PAVMU), a multi-product medical device company bringing innovative medical technologies from concept to commercialization with unprecedented speed and capital efficiency. Lishan poses for a photo with his family and colleagues in Times Square, NYC, after he rang the opening bell in honor of his company’s Nasdaq initial public offering (IPO) on April 28, 2016. Lishan, PAVmed was founded and is led by two other successful medical device entrepreneurs: Dr.What solidified Yohannes’ choice to work in government and politics was a desire to give back.

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