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" I burnt my mouth chugging coffee to run to the theatre to go over blocking, so it was like being shot out of a cannon. I just walked on and prayed for the best and hoped that all of our preparation paid off, and it did. It was like I blacked out for three hours and came off stage. It felt like more of an introduction to a chapter rather than a blip on the screen or an emergency call. What were you up to right before you booked Les Miz?

There are plenty of men who will treat you how you want to be treated.Since then, he journeyed to Neverland last December for the NBC live broadcast of Peter Pan, and now he's back at the barricades. You've been understudying the role of Marius for a year (and even took over for a brief stint when Andy Mientus was filming "The Flash"). Chris Mc Carrell: I was texted about two hours before the show: "Marius for matinee." That was it.It was a three-word text: "Marius for matinee." I woke up a little late, and I checked my phone to see who texted me overnight, and that was sitting in my inbox, and I was like, "Oh my God! It felt like this is the new era for this reincarnation of Les Miz, and I'm here to stay, and I'm excited to sink my teeth into it. Please do not post inappropriate comments, this is a friendly forum for fans.She is a disusting person whom is not allowed in some of her families home and has nephews who she will not talk to at family functions.One fan had flat-out asked the 18-year-old if she's interested in both men and women on the status-sharing site, and the actress simply responded: The exciting announcement was already pretty huge in itself, but it set social media ablaze because the admission came just one day after the teen shared a photo on Snapchat kissing female friend Bella Pendergast. The alum's relationship with her bestie is probably purely platonic, considering Miz Pendergast appears to have a boyfriend, and even used to date the celeb's brother, Remy. For those who've followed Dick's career, it's no secret the funny man has struggled immensely with addiction. D.'s admission into SOBA Recovery was his TWENTIETH attempt to get clean.

But either way, we're just so excited for Bella, and are incredibly grateful for her honesty! For whatever reason, SOBA did the trick for Andy and he has now become an unofficial AND unpaid spokesperson for the organization.I was like, "I'll never be hearing from that show again!" And then, a few months later, they were like, "Why don't you come in for the Joly track to understudy Marius? She has family that will not allow her in their home, or around there chldren. The only family he has met are the ones that have been manipulating her for several years. Comments you post may require a paid membership to delete. There is a large group of people that know her better than anyone on here.• Kristen Stewart • Anna Paquin • Amber Heard • Bella Thorne • Kesha • David Bowie • Azealia Banks • Cara Delevingne • LGBT Bella Thorne opened up to the entire world about her sexuality. The news comes as a big relief given the 50-year-old's tumultuous relationship with booze.

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