Amanda shires jason isbell dating

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She and Isbell have moved into a house south of Nashville.

Add in travel days and she’s away from home almost 200 days, including at least one annual appearance in her home town of Lubbock.“My dad’s in Alaska and hasn’t met him (Jason) yet.But I swear I was still in shock when I called my mom.”Since then, she said that she has taken her mother’s advice and decided to share a home with Isbell now, rather than wait for their wedding, planned for February in Nashville, Tenn.“It helps to find out in advance if your laundry is going to get along,” explained Shires.More than one person has wondered if she feels pressure to match “Carrying Lightning.”“Even when I made my last record,” said Shires, “I never felt like I was done.I knew I had more songs in me.”She has written a number of songs in recent months, and knows three are good enough to be on her next album.For example, her manager informed Shires, 30, she had received an invitation to make her official Grand Ole Opry debut on Aug. “I would pay them (the Opry) to let me play,” she added.“They want me to do my train song (‘When You Need a Train It Never Comes’) and one other,” she said during a recent interview.“So I’m taking requests.”But another recent question knocked her for the biggest loop of all.

Although Shires tours extensively with Rod Picott, she also has been playing fiddle with Jason Isbell, of the Drive-By Truckers and 400 Unit, off and on for almost 10 years.Shires plans to record again in November, hoping to release a new album in the spring of 2013.“I’ve released all of my albums in springtime,” she added.She said, “I played at Carnegie Hall last year, and it was no big deal.But the feeling I get when I am at the Opry is, it feels like church.5 — but wait, the second best song of the year, as voted by American Songwriters, was “Codeine,” by Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit.