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(He helps without taking her up on her offer.) A group of women are shown washing themselves while standing in a stream.

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Tuvia, for his part, remains convinced that if the struggling Jews are to survive, they must endure. The Bielski brothers—particularly Tuvia—risk life and limb to protect as many Jewish survivors as possible.

Similarities to Moses and the Exodus account are further highlighted when Tuvia and his people are fleeing and find themselves hemmed in by a vast bog that they must summon the courage to cross.

But in this case, Tuvia's younger brother Asael says of the task, "God will not part the water; we will have to do it ourselves." A rabbi repeatedly talks of how the events he's witnessed have badly shaken his faith in God.

There are repeated references to Moses leading God's people out of Egypt, and it becomes clear that Tuvia himself parallels the great Israelite leader ("So now you are Moses," Zus says).

Like Moses, Tuvia is a reluctant leader who struggles with doubt.

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We then glimpse everything from vigilantes shooting a farmer in the head and throwing him on a burning truck, to armed combatants in heavy-action firefights, to overhead bombers blowing up innocents.

Blood splatters onto the scenery with gruesome regularity.

We also hear several references to the long-awaited Messiah.

Tuvia honors a Christian who's died for harboring Jews by marking his burial place with a makeshift cross.

While leading a prayer, he laments the loss of life and asks God to "choose another people" and to "take back the gift of our holiness." Amid those doubts, though, he voices his belief that God will protect the community, telling a group of children, "Trust in God, He will take care of you." In the end, he calls Tuvia to his side and says that he believes that God sent him.

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