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According to Bennett, “We’ve taken the entire Zambian primary curriculum, mapped every single subject and every single grade, and created a very detailed lesson plan for the teacher for every single lesson.” With the growth of i Schools, as the demand for access to the internet and educational resources increases in Zambia, the potential for the children of the African continent is limitless.

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The mobile network and smartphone capabilities are reaching almost every corner of the country, and at least one mobile operator has launched 4G services.

The recent launch of the Galaxy S6 demonstrates the importance of the Zambian market globally; we were one of the first in the world to launch Galaxy S6.

Our second priority is to be a partner in the development of the country at large.

Zambian children are gaining access to education and curriculum through an “e-learning,” curriculum provided via the latest internet resources.

This is possible as a result of expanding internet access and emerging business strategies in developing countries such as Zambia.

In Zambia we have three highly competitive mobile operators with consumers purchasing three or four phones to try out every offer available.

At Samsung we find out how our products operate over various networks so we can identify with user experience.

We are moving at a rapid pace, and adopting services as quickly as other operators worldwide.

Zambians are particularly open to new technologies and keeping up with latest trends.

We want to be relevant to the country's economic growth by contributing to national development, employment, expansion of our retail networks, and adding to the tax base of the country.

We have a very strong corporate citizenship program and are already working with governments in the four countries we oversee mainly in the area of education and youth empowerment.

The challenge for developers and content managers is to produce content that is relevant to our customers, at a grassroots level and in the local language. Everything around mobile technologies is centered on how we use data.

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