Adult dating moms for daughters

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These mothers may be unwilling to see their role in the daughter's pain because it's too painful for .

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The young daughter then has to repress her own developmental needs in order to accommodate the emotional needs of the mother.

When a daughter is asked to be an emotional prop for her mother, she is unable to rely on her mother enough to get her own developmental needs met.

There are a number of ways that parentified daughters may respond to this dynamic: As adults we may be projecting this dynamic onto others in our lives.

Girls grow up believing that love, approval and validation are very scarce and one must work to the bone in order to be worthy of it.

Then as adults they attract situations that replicate this pattern over and over.

The mother may unconsciously see the daughter's separation as a replication of the rejection by her own mother.

The mother may react with overt infantile rage, passive sulking or hostile criticism.

Part of being powerful is the ability to create harm, whether intentionally or unintentionally. They will continue to sabotage themselves and limit their ability to thrive and flourish in the world.

Whether mothers are completely ignorant of the harm they have created or shy away from that knowledge, they are still responsible for it. Patriarchy has deprived women to such a degree that when they become mothers, they often turn to the love of their young daughters starving and ravenous for validation, approval and recognition.

The road between a little girl and her mother is supposed to be a one-way street with support flowing consistently from the mother to the daughter.

It goes without saying that little girls are totally dependent on their mothers for physical, mental and emotional support.

The mothers that exploit their daughters this way are often the same ones that say to them "Don't blame me! " if the daughter expresses discontent about the relationship or seeks a discussion on the matter.

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