According to carbon 14 dating how old is the iceman

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According to carbon 14 dating how old is the iceman

All the dates, except 2, are consistent with the time period 3360-3100 BC, as previously determined from bone and tissue samples from the Iceman himself.

The last 100 000-year-long cold period of the ice ages ended about 10 000 years ago, giving way to a warmer climate lasting until today.When Konrad Spindler from the Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte (Pre- and Protohistory) at the University of Innsbruck saw the unusual pieces of equipment found together with the body, he estimated a very old age (∼4000 years) of the find. The finding place of Ötzi: a shallow, icefilled depression at 3210 m on a mountain ridge of the Ötztal Alps, forming the border between Austria and Italy (photo by G. This immediately created great excitement for both scientists and the public, resulting in many “colorful” events in the ensuing weeks. As the hikers were approaching a point at 3210 m altitude on the rocky ridge ().The unusual climatic conditions of 1991 (including dust from the Sahara resulting in enhanced melting of snow) had partly freed this body from its icy resting place, leading to the startling discovery.However, 10 000 years ago the European Alps were still covered with huge ice shields built up during the long cold period.

As the warm climate persisted, the Alpine ice sheets gradually receded from the lower parts of the Alps making more land available for vegetation and animal life. It is now believed that agriculture started between 60 years ago in the Alps, that is during the latter part of the Neolithicum.Not surprisingly, the further back in time one goes, the less evidence is available on which to base one's imagination.Often one finds nothing else but some broken tools and pots, and if one is lucky also some bones of animals and humans.We discuss in some detail the chemical pretreatment of the samples and the data evaluation.We also present a comprehensive survey of (super 14) C dates available in the literature concerning both botanical remains from the vicinity of the Iceman and from the earliest salt mining in Hallstatt.Rather one thought that it might be a mountain hiker who perished on the glacier some time ago. Among the visitors was the world-renowned mountain climber Reinhold Messner (), who made a first guess that the body might be as old as 500 years. First picture of Ötzi on 19 September 1991, as he was accidentally discovered by Erika and Helmut Simon (photo by H. One has estimated that Ötzi may have surfaced from the melting ice only three days prior to the discovery. In the right upper corner of the picture the bow can be seen, its lower part stuck in the ice and the upper one leaning against the rocks.

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