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When you’re running the course, our External Moderators will be on hand to provide supportive visits and act as critical friends to keep you on the right track.

Colleges try to be as flexible as possible: why not check with your local college to find out what choices they can offer?

Like all Access Diplomas, ours have 60 credits with 45 credits ‘graded’ at Pass, Merit or Distinction, and 15 ‘ungraded’.

Students will take Academic Writing to sharpen their skills for university, but the majority of the rest of the credits can be drawn from a range of academic subjects.

It is designed for people who would like to study in higher education but who left school without qualifications such as A levels.

The Diploma is recognised by all universities and higher education colleges as the entry standard to a degree programme Access to HE students have perhaps missed out on education and left school to get a job or have a family.

Please email us with any queries, or give us a call on 01924 434600– we’d be pleased to help you with any enquiries.

An Access to Higher education Diploma is a qualification which prepares students for studying at university.When we develop and review Diplomas, our current Access lecturers are joined by leading academics from a wide range of universities on our panels, to ensure our Diplomas are fit for purpose, and the best way to progress students to higher education.What makes Certa’s Diplomas more useful for students and staff is the range of units that we have in each one.All Access Diplomas feature a range of Quality waypoints (moderation, exam boards, referrals, etc.), but working with Certa, you’ll be guided expertly through the whole academic year, allowing you to concentrate on delivering high quality classroom content.Quality is at the heart of what we do and is fundamental to delivering our vision, mission and values.When students start, you’ll have up to 10 weeks to register a student’s choice of units, allowing for a strong diagnostic phase that’s really helpful for returners to education.

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