2013 nasty chat rooms

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2013 nasty chat rooms

Once this list has been set up, the administrator might create subcategories based on organization needs.The scope of a particular subcategory identifies all the users and groups that can be members of a chat room in that category.

This table lists the action and what you can and can’t do as a room manager.In addition to creating your own persistent chat rooms, you can change their privacy levels, assign additional room managers responsibilities, and add or remove members.You can change the names and descriptions of the rooms you manage, and add more web applications to the room environment, if your administrator has made them available.If you come across either of these situations (that is, you find you can’t change a room setting or you can’t add a specific user as a member of your room), check with the Lync administrator to see if there are restrictions in place.Sometimes you might need to disable a chat room you manage.The room-category concept affects room membership as well as settings.

When Microsoft Lync 2013 Persistent Chat is first installed, your Lync administrator creates a list of potential chat room participants.If you decide to change the room name later, the new name will be displayed for you and the room’s members and followers going forward.It’s a good idea, although, to find an appropriate name to start with and then stick with it.Important: The Lync administrator can lock most settings of a given room category, which prevents you and other chat room managers from making changes to the settings.Your administrator can also limit the pool of users from which you and other chat room managers can select members.If several room categories are available to you as a room manager, those categories are listed on the Create a room window.

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